Sad Surfers - Autumn Tape No. 7

Sad Surfers - Autumn Tape No. 7

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Sad Surfers - Autumn Tape No. 7
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I'm always fascinated by bands, who uses the aesthetic of Surf Rock to create a kind of sunny melacholy - here are some of my favourites

Real Estate - Had to Hear
Gurr - Moby Dick
The Drums - Days
Wild Nothing - Our Composition
Beach Fossils - Vertigo
Bob Vaught & The Renegaids - Surfin' Tragedy
Beach Fossils - Wide Awake
Wild Nothing - Midnight Song
Motorama - Alps
The Drums - I Need Fun in My Life
Beach Fossils - Shallow
Triptides - Undone
Allah-Las - Vis-A-Vis


Playing tracks by Real Estate, Gurr, The Drums, Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils and more.