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The Jam - Beat Surrender (Unreleased Polydor PD-1-6861)

The Jam - Beat Surrender (Unreleased Polydor PD-1-6861)

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The Jam.

What is this? Looks like the Beat Surrender 2x45 inner sleeve, but it's not. It's a LP with the same name instead... Rarest Jam vinyl ever? Maybe, if only you can find a copy around... (NO copies actually :)

Apparently this "final" USA Polydor collection never passed the 'sleeve stage' and it was blocked by the Wellers because of the inclusion of "A Solid Bond In Your Heart" (The Jam original version was officially, and posthumously released only 10 years later on Extras). Another curio: Polydor choose the rougher, longer, version 1 of "War" and not the polished "Afrodisiac" version 2.

It's the first time this story comes out of specialized forums to public domain.
Enjoy! Sure you will, as a whole project it sounds fantastic,

Update: see Dennis Munday's (Polydor UK A&R manager) comment at the bottom


Luca Lanini

it would be a great record...


Cheers Harper, the reason is well explained here in the comments by Dennis Munday in person.

Tbh the selection is so clever (...the 'other' "War", the fan club version of "Riverbank" and expecially the mysterious inclusion of "Solid Bond" even Dennis can't explain...) to be almost unbelievable it's coming from a US Polydor project manager. For this reason I'm still doubting is it genuine, could be a well made posthumous fake test sleeve. Me and other old Jam fans are aware of this compilation since 2004-ish, but maybe it was revealed before. Gaz sorry I can't share better quality test label, sleeve, but when I fwd'd to Dennis he said it looks real. The scans in my possession aren't HQ anyway , here's an idea how wd look a CD and :)

Harper Habbersett

The track listing is spot on!
I love listening to this LP from start to finish.
Too bad it was never officially released.

Andrew Chippendale

Excellent. I've been trying to find the Just Who Is The 5 O'Clock Hero 12'' version of War since 1982!

Steve Cox
Steve Cox

Fabtastic find Cap....thanks for sharing...and thanks for the info Dennis (sorry for the tadiness in commenting, it's only been 3 months lol) Loving the vinyl pops & crackles btw!!


The mix worked really well! I've heard these songs a million times but this mix somehow made them sound fresh. Awesome insight from Dennis!


I'm a big collector of the best bnd in the f**king world, and would love this, wonder if any got out...would be the rarest offical to date, universal should release it now, aftr all ,solid bond is on "Extras" album...would be nice seeing that it's 30 years this year since the jam split...thanks for sharing dennis.


Grande Dennis! Thanks a lot for the important enlightenment. Spero di vederti presto. Mandi


The Jam - Beat Surrender (Unreleased Polydor PD-1-6861)

The artwork looks genuine and the catalogues numbers are real, so I think this album was scheduled for release in the USA. However, as well as Paul, Polydor UK would have objected to this release. When Paul went solo, The Jam owed Polydor two albums, which is why ‘Dig The New Breed’ and ‘Snap!’ were released. ‘Snap!’ was a best of / greatest hits compilation and this American compilation would have compromised the release of ‘Snap!’ in the USA. How they got hold of a copy of ‘Solid Bond’ is a mystery, as it was never mastered and I wouldn’t have allowed them to release it. Paul had made it clear at the time that he was saving the toon for TSC. As The Jam were signed to Polydor UK, and all foreign compilations would have needed clearance from my company, which they would never have given for the above reasons.

The Jam never made it in the USA, for two reasons. Firstly, their music just wasn’t accessible, and it wasn’t until ‘Grunge’ came along and broke through the bland AOR music that was dominating the airwaves in the USA. Secondly, The Jam refused to take on long tours [6 to 8 months], which you need to do to sell records in America.

I have never heard of Kyle Gilmore, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t working at Polydor’s New York office. I visited there many times, but only dealt with the people who were directly involved with The Jam and senior management. It is highly unlikely in my opinion that his album wouldn’t have broken them in the USA and even if it did, Paul would never have reformed The Jam.

Dennis 'Meso Bisiaco' Munday
July 2012
Ronchi Dei Legionari


Cpt. Thanks for sharing - Peace and Love