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Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry Day 1: April 29 2014 Afternoon Session.

Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry Day 1: April 29 2014 Afternoon Session.

The final session of the first day of the Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry.

Most of this session is taken up with cross examination of a witness for the applicants Mr Martin Farrington who is a senior development officer with Leeds City Council.

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Thanks for your comments Margaret. Something similar occurred to me with regard to the withholding of the 'consultation' feedback. It was said that these people who commented could easily have put in formal objections. Yet with the repeated re-entering of cases that has been required and the multiple copies that have had to be printed and sent off this has been made a daunting prospect even for those of us who have higher education behind us, not to mention the cost.

I myself am representing four friends who wanted to object but felt that the technical demands laid on objectors was beyond their expertise and asked me if I would represent their views.

Margaret Thompson

I thought that it was very intimidating to the "ordinary"people-rows of files and reports. It was terrible that people had to pay to park and no expenses are offered. However we have a right to be heard and as we have done already-put our hands into our pockets to support the anti brigade. does anyone think that it will be over in the allotted time?- Margaret Thompson