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Day 41e Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry 2 Sept 2014 Late Afternoon Session

Day 41e Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry 2 Sept 2014 Late Afternoon Session

In the late afternoon session of Day 41 of the Leeds Trolleybus Public Enquiry, Public Transport expert Mr Cheek gives his evidence in chief for First West Yorkshire and is then cross examined by Gregory Jones QC.
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Thankyou for your comment Gerard, but I'm not sure I really understand your point. Mr Cheek has had 40 years practice in public transport and is an expert witness for First (Bus) West Yorkshire who draws upon his immense experience to argue against the NGT trolleybus scheme. The purpose of the enquiry is to test the case for a trolleybus, not to propose specific alternatives. Besides which, we have to accept that First West Yorkshire are spending an immense amount of money on their legal team for this case (seven others behind the desks with Mr Jones today) to stop the trolleybus and you really can't expect them to be arguing for another method of transport (however desirable) which is outside the scope of the enquiry.

There has been no mention of tubes in the entire cross examination so far, so it is a distraction to get into that when our prime objective is to see the back of NGT.

The main point of his evidence was that the trolleybus would be massively expensive, cause immense disruption to the roads, traffic, communities etc etc and be a really inappropriate and inefficient attempt at a solution to the traffic issues. From what I understand from your previous comment, you are against the trolleybus, so I don't understand why you take such exception to Mr Cheek's evidence?

Gerard Tourtois

I simply think it's pure rubbish. Who is more of a transport expert than the ones who USE the transport. Mr Cheek is presented as a transport expert. Why? How many times a day does he use the transport others than his car? Any restriction to free surface circulation is a mistake. Narrowing of lanes to give way to buses, trams, cyclist lanes etc.. contributes to an obvious increase of traffic jams, because the amount of cars does not diminishes. Those people are not realistic because only financial considerations in the short term are being considered. To avoid increasing the surface congestion the only way is to create an underground system. In Leeds the ideal first underground line could be a metro under the ring road. Then another line under the Stanningley by pass (getting rid of this ridiculous 2+ one car which discriminates against single people and his against the human rights) up to the Dawson corner. another line could be dug under Otley Road up to and beyond Weetwood roundabout. Another under the A 64 York road towards Killinbeck and Temple Newsam etc... Thus creating a star network all connected to a circular underground line. Yes it would be a lot more expensive than a tram, but it would also be 100 times more efficient in the long run. Huge car parks should also be created at the periphery such a way that people could drive to the underground stations and no further, thus clearing the city centre. This obstinacy to add the more traffic restriction by adding a tram is absurd, will cost and will not reduce the car traffic.