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Communion After Dark - Best of 2020 Part 2 - January 4, 2021 Edition

Communion After Dark - Best of 2020 Part 2 - January 4, 2021 Edition

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CAD PLAYLIST (DATE): January 4th, 2021 Edition, Absurd Minds, Matte Blvck, Hatari, Prometheus Flame and more.

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global industrial chart, 1st in the global electro chart, 1st in the global dark chart, 1st in the global synth-pop chart and 2nd in the global alternative chart.

We are a weekly podcast bringing you the newest Gothic/Industrial, EBM and Electro music from around the world.

Communion After Dark is DJs Mark Paradise, Tom Gold and Maus based out of Tampa, Florida US


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*Opening sample from the movie: Candyman
*Cover: Sheena Secra
**Background music during talking parts is Front Line Assembly - Arise

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Yes! CAD was the best thing about 2020! Maus wins best set of 2020! :) <3


great last best of 2020 show. Maybe you should try to get Isaak Howlett from Empathy Test as guest to your show. So let's hope the new year gets besser than the old (that should be easy, i think :)


Alright, one last chat about Goofy vs Pluto. You are most correct, Maus, and I found one answer that seems to clarify it even further: former Disney cast members agree that "Goofy is not a dog. He is a person who resembles a dog, just as Mickey Mouse is a person who resembles a mouse and Donald Duck is a person who resembles a duck. Pluto, however, is an actual dog, which is why he can’t talk".

Goofy started life as a "goof", not a dog. Actually, he used to be called Dippy Dawg way back when, thus he was a "Dawg", not a dog. You're right, Maus, he was meant to be humanlike and not a pet. Thus, the same is true of Mickey, Pluto and all the rest. If there was a "mouse" in the Mickey Mouse world, it'd be a mouse and not a walking talking mouse.

The question then becomes, if there was a dj named Maus, she'd be a metaphorical mouse? ; ))


Got my top 8 together, it deviates a tad from CAD, but nonetheless, diversity is the proverbial splice of life:

1. Assemblage 23 -- Mourn
2. Uncreated -- Break Free

And then all of these are #3 ; ))

Pig -- Pain is God
Empathy Test -- Monsters
Master Boot Record -- Floppy Disk Overdrive (Metal Blade Records) [aside: never played on CAD, like, ever]
La Bande son Imaginaire (multiple 2020 releases)
Vogon Poetry -- Milliways
Kiss of the Whip -- Be Mine

Honorable Mentions (again in no particular odor):

SheHatesEmotions -- Edge of the Night
Leaether Strip -- Æppreciation IV
Eisfabrik - Kryothermalmusik
Matte Blvck
Strvngers - Zayka
X-Marks the Pedwalk -- Together Alone
Rotersand -- Hot Ashes

Denizen Kane
Denizen Kane

Thank the gods that 2020 is over. Great lists everyone. Here's my top 10 (not in order):
Assemblage 23 - Mourn
Empathy Test - Monsters
She Hates Emotions - Melancholic Maniac
Toal - Ritus Ex Silenti
Korine - The Night We Raise
Sonsombre - One Thousand Graves
ES23 - Only Melodies Remain
Rotersand - How Do You Feel Today?
And my #1:
Eisfabrik - Kryothermalmusick aus der Eisfabrik

Cheers! And may 2021 suck significantly less than 2020.


Anthropomorphic?! You get all the vocab points, Maus!


CAD PLAYLIST (DATE): January 4th, 2021 Edition - Best of Part 2

00:51 Absurd Minds - Dead End - Septa - Scanner

04:45 Matte Blvck - Western Fold - I'm Waving, Not Drowning - Self Released

09:49 Hatari - Klefi / Samed (feat. Bashar Murad) - Neyslutrans -
Svikamylla ehf.

13:38 Prometheus Flame - Magic Spell (Massive Ego Remix) - Magic Spell(s) - DWA

18:54 Vogon Poetry - Milliways - Deep Thought - Audite Records

22:37 Uncreated - Break Free (feat. Dennis Schober)- Break Free EP - Conzoom Records

27:08 Leaether Strip - Assimilate - Throwing Bones (A Tribute To Skinny Puppy) - Læbel

32:54 Communion After Dark - Shot of the Week - Peppermint Vodka, Red Velvet Baileys

40:25 Holocoder - Холод - голод (Cold is Hunger) - Арктика / Artika - MIC Label

43:58 Faderhead feat. Solar Fake - I Did Not Know - I Did Not Know single - Bandcamp

47:53 Fall Shock - Feels Eternal - Interior - Manic Depression Records

51:56 Dance My Darling - Love & Hate - Apodea - DarkTunes Music Group

55:58 Auger - Tell Me I’m Wrong - Insurgence - DarkTunes music Group

59:31 Minuit Machine - Danger - Don’t Run From the Fire - Synthreligion

1:04:15 Astari Nite - Pretty Something, Never Was - Here Lies - Negative Gain

1:08:12 Communion After Dark

Guest DJ NAME: Roberts
1:15:26 At 1980 - Missing You - 1000 Lives - New Retrowave Records

1:18:35 Wolfclub - Rush - Runaways - New Retrowave Records

1:21:56 Dreamfiend - Lightyears (feat. September 87) - single - bandcamp

1:26:14 Eisbrecher - All we are - Schicksalsmelodien - RCA Deutschland

1:29:13 Zoodrake - Lasting - Purified - Electrofish

1:33:04 Morgan Willis - Rabbithole Chasing You - Dreamer - Outland Records

1:38:24 Moonrunner83 - The Last Time - You & Me at the edge of the world - FiXT

1:42:25 Communion After Dark

DJ NAME: Paradise

1:50:17 IAMTHESHADOW - Lifeless - Pitchblack - Cold Transmission (May 19th)

1:54:17 Clan of Xymox - All I Ever Know - Spider On The Wall - Metropolis Records (July 19th) -

1:58:19 My Love Kills - Remorse - Imitatio Dei - Bandcamp (April 14th)

2:01:32 Diorama - Gasoline - Tiny Missing Fragments - Accession Records(October 23rd)

2:05:52 Reichsfiend - Persona (Rob Dust Remix) - Persona EP - Alfa Matrix (October 1st)

2:10:06 Neuroactive - Night Flights - Minor Side Effects - Alfa Matrix (March 20th)

2:14:24 Communion After Dark

2:28:21 11Grams - Artificial Lifeforms - Humanicide - EK Product (September 25th)

2:32:51 Communion After Dark - We read some comments!