Colin's Cuts #103 Kane FM 103.7 7-9am Tue 6Jun17

Colin's Cuts #103 Kane FM 103.7 7-9am Tue 6Jun17

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Colin's Cuts #103 Kane FM 103.7 7-9am Tue 6Jun17

Lightyear first radio play worldwide exclusive plus Depeche Mode, DirtE, DJ Roland Clark and Femme stirred with Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Guide Dog, Heaven 17 and Helen McCookerybook interweaved by Jake Tech & Badaina, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, Julian Cope and Katie Spencer augmented by Kraftwerk, LuckyAndLove and Munroe complemented by Pauljey, Polarnecks, Propaganda and Rev-Players seasoned by Senhit, The Art Of Noise, VicVicVic and Yazoo.

Enjoy audio dimensions curated by Apollo Four Forty, Jay-J And Noa, Paolo Pellegrino, Peter Tanico and others on vinyl, CD and digital file.

My typical blend of the new and music with great heritage.

Germinated from a hybrid electro synth seed, @ColinsCuts is engaging upfront music, oft remixed off-centre classics, reappraised gems, dark corner discoveries, rewarding promos and cherished treasures.

Good music deserves more ears: like what you hear? Please Comment/Favourite/Repost/Share on the social media of your choice; THANK YOU.


Playing tracks by Katie Spencer, Lightyear, The Art Of Noise, LuckyAndLove, Depeche Mode and more.



Love the audio dimentions too! Very cool. Thank you very much Colin Spencer for playing LUCKYANDLOVE !!!

Colin Spencer @ColinsCuts

April and Loren, hi, well, when I get to hear music like yours (thanks Shauna), I find it very easy to decide to air it because it is as simple for me as "good music deserves more ears".

Hope that the album does well for you - and, having aired several songs from it, please keep me up to date with what you record from here on too.

Kind regards, Colin

Exit 39 Radio

Thank you Colin for playing us tonight. We appreciate it so very much.

Colin Spencer @ColinsCuts

Peter and Scott, hi, no worries: good music deserves more ears! Kind regards, Colin