Colin's Cuts #102 Kane FM 103.7 7-9am Tue 30May17

Colin's Cuts #102 Kane FM 103.7 7-9am Tue 30May17

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Colin's Cuts #102 Kane FM 103.7 7-9am Tue 30May17

Boxed In, Cabaret Voltaire, Coldcut X On U Sound, Dauwd and David Bowie, stirred with Devo, Duran Duran, Finskit and Gary Numan, interweaved by HDMX, Jenny Lascelles, LuckyAndLove and Makeness, augmented by Matrix & Futurebound Featuring Calum Scott, Nasher, Ooberfuse and Pixx, complemented by Riva Taylor, Senhit, Silicon Teens and Simple Minds, seasoned by Talk Talk, Temple Invisible, The Human League, The Korvids and Yaz.

Enjoy audio dimensions curated by Andy Gray, Dim Zach, DJ Pioneer & TJ, G-Pod, John Robie, Ku De Ta, Michael Marshall and others on vinyl, CD and digital file.

My typical blend of the new and music with great heritage.

Germinated from a hybrid electro synth seed, @ColinsCuts is engaging upfront music, oft remixed off-centre classics, reappraised gems, dark corner discoveries, rewarding promos and cherished treasures.

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Playing tracks by Makeness, The Human League, Temple Invisible, Duran Duran, David Bowie and more.



Thank you so much!

Colin Spencer @ColinsCuts

Hi, thanks for the Comment: feel free to share the programme to help generate more listeners for all the great new (and heritage that may be new to some!) music on it... I included you and the rest because good music deserves more ears! Kind regards, Colin