CityFM Episode 3 - DIY

CityFM Episode 3 - DIY

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CityFM Episode 3 - DIY

DIY stands for “Do It Yourself,” an old punk rock ethos. But in New York, DIY was never about a specific musical genre, but about creative control and community, and whatever is the opposite of big cultural business. It is invention and immediacy, the lifeblood of the city’s musical energy, and it’s everywhere you look. If you look hard enough.

To discuss DIY in NYC, we talked to Jim “JG” Thirlwell, Jim “$mall ¢hange” Dier, Lion Babe, and the Red Light District noise community of Far Rockaway, Queens.

Music thanks to Lion Babe, Foetus, Lydia Lunch, Manorexia, Yellow Tears, Marianne Carbon, Alex Cienfuegos, Marco Polo, NanaBCool, Budos Band, Louie Vega, Clams Casino, ARP, Mystery Lights, Gus Dapperton and of course, Jigmastas.


Playing tracks by Jigmastas, Gus Dapperton, Mystery Lights, ARP, Manorexia and more.