Gray Days and Gold - January 2020

Gray Days and Gold - January 2020

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Gray Days and Gold - January 2020

Hello, friends. Many followers here on Mixcloud know me from my mixes that celebrate WOXY 97X. Fair warning: this is something different.

Welcome to the first episode of Gray Days and Gold: music that's lovely, slightly sad, and reflects the weather outside my window. The sonic palette of the series will be ever-changing to match the seasons, but January means Moods for Maudlins: music that sounds like the last fading echoes of the holidays and the good cheer that came with them, days that feel like more darkness than light, and the hush of snowfall.

This show is my idea of self-care, combined with a desire to discover and promote music—new and old—that deserves to be heard. For anyone who cares to read a more verbose version of this "mission statement," it's on my website:

Enjoy, and thanks for listening.


Playing tracks by Matt Pond PA, The Lilac Time, Nina Simone, The Divine Comedy, Jessica Pratt and more.