Changing Faces 035 - Special Guest: Oktavist

Changing Faces 035 - Special Guest: Oktavist

5 years ago
Changing Faces 035 - Special Guest: Oktavist

Mr Warren Vino was back with us for this banging edition of Changing Faces. He brings us some real, deep, sensual house music...yep, you read that right.

Lovely deep house sounds occur in the first hour, and then for Warren's 'Ultimate Track Of The Week' we get 3-4 minutes of solid FUNK, and as Warren describes, it is a real treat.

Then to wrap things up we have another guest mix in to do the rounds! This time round we have New York based Oktavist, who could talk to you about Djing AND live performance orchestra (Not both together though). The man is well experienced in both fields and he brings us a delightful mix to spark your attention.

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P.S Hello to Mambo Radio, as they are the latest edition to have us on the airwaves!


Playing tracks by Thomaz Krauze, Manuel Costela, Loui & Scibi, Harley&muscle, Janty & Mr Caramel and more.



Thanks for the opportunity to be on your show!

Changing Faces

Banging mix Mr Oktavist. Pleasure!