Changing Faces 010 - Special Guest: Warren Vino

Changing Faces 010 - Special Guest: Warren Vino

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Changing Faces 010 - Special Guest: Warren Vino

As lovers of house and techno music, changing faces is all about different mixes every week. Rather than sticking with one genre and one style of genre or sub genre, we’re all about mixing it up and changing the styles in every episode. One week you could have a pop house mix and disco house mix, the following episode you could be hearing tech house and techno!

Changing Faces radio show contains 2 roughly 1 hour mixes showcasing different styles of house and techno and the middle of the show showcases the influential track of the week.

The show is broadcasted on Shoreditch Radio's main website on Tuesday's at 6pm till 8pm:


Playing tracks by 7th Star, Veerus, Maxie Devine, Filtercut, Jaceo, Gianluca Rattalino and more.



Also respect to Warren Vino, lovely house mix with some some great tunes. 👏


Great mix right from the opening 7 stars. Nice work James 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧

Changing Faces

Thank you Daniel! (Y)