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Duesseldorf, Germany

JCC, the first drum ‘n’ bass DJ and promoter in South China, started to play d ‘n’ b in early 2007 publicly. Shortly after getting involved in the electronic music scene, JCC gained remarkable respect not only for her skills on decks, but also, more importantly, for her passion for music and efforts to revitalize the monotonous club scene in Guangzhou.

Not just drum&bass, JCC is also well recognized of playing other genres of bass music, including grime, dubstep, UK house, Electro, Footwork, Juke...

So far, JCC has played in many cities both inside and outside of China for a wide range of well-established party labels and supported DJs like DJ Marky, DJ Storm, Fracture, Joe Syntax, Pixelord, DJ Fu and so on.