Mixtape for Julian of Norwich

Mixtape for Julian of Norwich

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Mixtape for Julian of Norwich
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Carl Gent

This is the audio part of a cassette mixtape I made for Julian of Norwich, the 14th century anchorite whose sixteen visions of the crucifixion of Christ spirited away her unknown illness and swept her into lifelong literacy. Given name unknown, she dispensed of her physical agency, bricked herself into/onto a church in Norfolk and spent her days committing these ecstatic visions of blood, love and hazelnuts to words.

Lots of friends suggested songs about isolation, crabs, divinity etc and some of them made it into this mix which I recorded to cassette and stuck in a tape player I'd made for the exhibition Testament at Goldsmiths CCA. We managed to get the audio cables passing through a small hole in the wall, a squint, so that the audio would play from the roof, out into the sky.


Playing tracks by Diane Cluck, Scout Niblett, Joan Armatrading, Carl Gent, soundscape and more.