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Carl Cox Global 470

Carl Cox Global 470

Highlights this week on Global include Defected Records featured in the Global Lowdown and DJ 3000 is in the Global Alliance celebrating 10 years of his Motech label.

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Thair Sierra

Hello, please help me get this message to Carl Cox, thank you.

Hello there,

i bet you are really busy, but i'd like to talk to you about some thoughts i have had lately.

the subject i am talking about is the club scene, i think it had, at some point, ruined the essence of electronic music, leaving it at second place. In order to get into a club, or at least the kind of club that can host a great dj, you have to put on your best clothes and then you have to be ready to pay a lot for water or a beer once your inside, off course im not talking about that part of the population that can afford that kind of stuff, im talking about the 90 percent of the people that goes into a club, just looking to have a good nigth, to enjoy the music and to watch their favorite djs, without leaving all their money in the process, clubs are made for people that will never full fill the place, but we all have to go by those rules. And that is not all, think now about the people that cant make it to the doors, why cant they enjoy a nigth with their favorite djs? probably it means a lot for them to finally hear them live with a great sound and a lot of people dancing, and they have to go back home after listen they cant get in.

Now Imagine how would it be to go to a festival or a club where the promotor is not interested in making money, afordable for everyone, a place were he just need to pay to the djs and a fair amount to the waiters to feel like he has done his job, a place for everyone without distinctions or vip tables, a place to enjoy the essence of music. I want to create that place, i dont want to make money with it, i just want to make something for the people and the music and i want your help to make it possible, i cant go through the regular booking process with this, i dont think your manager will say "yes, off course, it sounds great" but i think maybe you will.

Just in case you are interested in this, i have to add that i already have the team to make it happen, all we need now is your pressence in the line up of the first of many events that will change the underground music.

please get in touch with me through email.


Thair Sierra.



Aguinelo Ktm


Ivan Arsic ivek.


Zahabia Lacewalla

i am in love with his music

Dean Watson


Aktarus Nrv

mon dieu carl je t'aime

George Birsan

great dj oh yes o yes.

Maria Mihaela Mazarianu

so crazzy ....omg ...i like this mix