Calm + Collect Mix Series 04- Kool Hersh

Calm + Collect Mix Series 04- Kool Hersh

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Calm + Collect Mix Series 04- Kool Hersh
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Hersh here representing the Boogie Munsters Crew and Star Creature Universal Vibrations out of Chicago, IL.  This mix contains a bunch of new music from friends that I am super excited about. This wasn't intentional, it’s just the music I am currently most stoked about.  I always try to make the mixes a listening experience and not just some songs with the same bpm slapped together - I think this mix accomplishes that. Best suited for headphone mental excursions or night time drives. Let's ride.

PS - shout out to Nick for sharing the passion of music and getting a young 19 year old Hersh into clubs and the world of club djing at such an early age.  Many wild nights, friends and memories made.  Red hot riplets, casino queen, roxys, atomic, creepy, Lo, and the list goes on.


Playing tracks by mat/matix, igor jadranin, detroit party posse (feat daddy), mogwaa, darryn jones and more.


Chris Tibs

Outstanding mix ,top drawer music

Kool Hersh

Thank you!