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Buddy Peace: 'Dr Rubberfunk Megamix' (2006)

Buddy Peace: 'Dr Rubberfunk Megamix' (2006)

Dr Rubberfunk has always been, and will always be, a huge inspiration to me. We worked together in Banquet Records ( years ago, and have made a little bit of music together (not enough!) in the past, and his studio skills (and DJ smarts) are just insane. He invited me to make a megamix of his music for the release of his 'My Life At 33' album, back in 2006. I had access to separate parts and the back catalogue, and with these piece and my own elements I hooked up this megamix. I used turntables as standard, and did a lot using the MPC too. Heavy chop action. Check Rubberfunk here:


Buddy Peace

Ah, sorry I meant to give more of an idea of what was on there but indeed, Rubbs you hit the nail on the head. It is mostly stuff from the album with a few bits and pieces from the Rubberfunk catalogue!

Dr Rubberfunk

Hey Coops - it's mostly tracks from 'My Life At 33' - available from all good download stores, and on CD too! :) - with a few extra bits from my Mr.Güder project chopped up in there too ...


Digging this, like Dr R's stuff. Could do with a tracklist tho', so I can track these tracks down and buy 'em. Nice one for the mix, tho', top vibes.