Ten Acres Of Sound Radio Hour - Intro Show (24/09/2020)

Ten Acres Of Sound Radio Hour - Intro Show (24/09/2020)

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Ten Acres Of Sound Radio Hour - Intro Show (24/09/2020)
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Ten Acres of Sound is a festival of noise, sound, sonic art, music, performance, whatever located within Stirchley, Birmingham. Artists exhibit throughout the area and performers bring their work from all over into Stirchley as a series of gigs or street events.

Brum Radio is proud to host the accompanying radio show to the festival, to showcase the rich output of all artists and musicians involved. Featuring art, interviews and music. Put together by artists involved in Ten Acres of Sound, it expands the festival experience not just out into Birmingham, but also radio-speakers worldwide.

Hosted by James McIlwrath, the first radio hour of the series explores what the festival is all about. Featuring interviews with Ruby Green and Nikki Sheth.


Listen along live Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 11AM with a repeat the following day at 11PM (UK Time). www.brumradio.com