Brum Radio Poets July 2020 (26/07/2020)

Brum Radio Poets July 2020 (26/07/2020)

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Brum Radio Poets July 2020 (26/07/2020)
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Joining Rick Sanders this month:

Louise McStravick
Louise is a writer, poet, teacher, and proud Brummie. She uses poetry to explore her intersectional working-class roots and to make sense of the world we live in.

Thomas McColl

Thomas McColl has had poems and short stories published in magazines such as Envoi, Iota, Prole, Bare Fiction, Rising and Fictive Dream, and his first full collection of flash fiction and poetry, Being With Me Will Help You Learn, was published in 2016 by Listen Softly London Press.
Thomas lives in London and works at the House of Commons, having previously worked in the book trade. He has an Amazon page and a Twitter account @ThomasMcColl2

Martin Grey
Based in Nottingham but originally from Guildford, he is a director of World Jam, a nonprofit for connecting communities through poetry and music, and a zine