Bootstomp 0.79: Dark Electro Body Industrial Techno

Bootstomp 0.79: Dark Electro Body Industrial Techno

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Bootstomp 0.79: Dark Electro Body Industrial Techno
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DJ Bootstomp

Featuring: Slighter + R.A. Desilets (Affect Effect Remix), Exo-Kult, Requiem Rust, Chris Keya and Ian Urbina, Revizia, MissFit Toys (Moris Blak Remix), INVA//ID, Matteo Tura & Sierra, Matt Hart, Elektrosekt, Daddybear (feat. Grabyourface), Nova State Machine, Suicide Commando, Years of Denial & Alexey Volkov, Null Cell, Diverje, Anthony (H) (Moaan Exis Remix), Pantser Fabriek, Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale, Blue Ant vs. Stahlschlag, O/X (Physical Wash Remix), DHI (death and horror inc), Sigint (feat. Daveoramma), Louisahhh, Kota Kira, Sept, Acid Replika, The Fair Attempts and EAS.

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Playing tracks by Slighter + R.A. Desilets, Exo-Kult, Requiem Rust, Chris Keya, Ian Urbina, Revizia and more.

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Absolutely superb tracklist! Gonna hit a replay!

MATT HART (musician/DJ)

Thank you for including TERRORFYING v2 in this mix ---- lucky sneak listen peeps, it's not officially out yet! YEAH!!!! Follow me on 🎶 for all my release news!

DJ Bootstomp

Release Information:
Track start times:
00:14 Slighter + R.A. Desilets - Broken Unknown (Affect Effect Remix) [Confusion Inc.]
04:37 Exo-Kult - Eliminate [Viral Records Australia]
11:06 Requiem Rust - Beneath the Crimson City
15:25 Chris Keya, Ian Urbina - Mercenaries
19:12 Revizia - Nightmare
22:17 MissFit Toys - Rise to Arms (Moris Blak Remix)
25:59 INVA//ID - Dissociate (Trauma Remix)
31:02 Matteo Tura & Sierra - Burn
34:59 Matt Hart - Terrorfying v2 [RDC Music & Terror Night]
38:16 Elektrosekt - Your Sex [Shoknova Records]
44:00 Daddybear - Hypnotic (feat. Grabyourface)
47:57 Nova State Machine - Truth and Fear (Destiny Mix) [RDC Music & Terror Night]
51:57 Suicide Commando - Trick or Treat [Out Of Line Music]
55:34 Years of Denial & Alexey Volkov - Confess (Alternative Version) [VEYL]
1:01:27 Null Cell - Judgement Pays (Good Cop) [Machine Man Records]
1:04:58 Diverje - Panic Virus [DSBP Records]
1:09:05 Anthony (H) - Calm Before The Storm (Moaan Exis Remix) [Champion Beats]
1:13:42 Pantser Fabriek - Only Now!
1:16:28 Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale - Cigarette Glow [Ostgut Ton]
1:22:16 Blue Ant vs. Stahlschlag - Dissolution 8 [Dyxtopia Records]
1:26:17 O/X - Falling Into (Physical Wash Remix) [DREAM]
1:30:05 DHI (death and horror inc) - The Idiot Parade (Sardonic)
1:35:26 Sigint - Fear (Ft. Daveoramma)
1:39:44 Louisahhh - Make Me [He.She.They]
1:43:05 Kota Kira - Serpents [Re:Mission Entertainment]
1:47:02 Sept - Sensation Seeker [voxnox]
1:52:56 Acid Replika - Privacy Invasion [Revok Records]
1:58:59 The Fair Attempts - All Directions, All The Way
2:02:32 EAS - Mr. Unchained [OMEN Recordings]