17.03.2017 - Blumen Gäste - Marcus J. Moore

17.03.2017 - Blumen Gäste - Marcus J. Moore

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17.03.2017 - Blumen Gäste - Marcus J. Moore
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Meet our very first guest at Blumen Radio, Marcus J. Moore!

Marcus J. Moore is a music journalist based in Brooklyn, NY. He's a senior editor at Bandcamp and music critic for Pitchfork and The Nation magazine. In years past, he's written for BBC Music, MTV and The Washington Post.

Here’s a really special selection of songs Marcus choose for Blumen Radio!

Follow Marcus J. Moore on Twitter! www.twitter.com/MarcusJMoore

Tracklist: http://blumenradio.com/post/158508252880/marcusjmoore


Playing tracks by The Sa-Ra Creative Partners -, ERIMAJ, Malik Flavors, Yussef Kamaal, Bilal and more.


Stephen Michael Berberich

Good. Sounds a bit like Sergio Mendez

Renegades Of Jazz

wonderful mix!