Blind Signal GRMN VTNM - Erik K Skodvin

Blind Signal GRMN VTNM - Erik K Skodvin

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Blind Signal GRMN VTNM - Erik K Skodvin
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Erik K. Skodvin (Deaf Center, B/B/S), Berlin-based Norwegian, founder of Miasma Records and the Acoustic Doom genre, he works mostly with darkly painted soundscapes through bowed guitar, effect-pedals and varied sound-making tools. Skodvin’s music and (rare) live performances can be seen as something of a time stopping cinematic experience, he is a master of enveloping the listener into a world that is both monumental and suspenseful. Erik K. Skodvin has also toured and worked with a broad selection of varied artists, from Fever Ray to Johann Johannsson, Nils Frahm, Andrea Belfi & Aaron Moore to name a few.

Kleiner Wasserspeicher Berlin - 20.09.2019
Picture by Udo Siegfriedt
3D sound recording by Svein Berge - These are binaural renderings, i.e. they sound best over headphones.