44 HRH Blues with Beastie

44 HRH Blues with Beastie

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44 HRH Blues with Beastie
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HRH Blues with Beastie; LIVE Sunday morning from 8am
Listen live at hardrockhellradio.com/live/
Every week Beastie will bring a great mix of classic blues, including the old Delta and Chicago Blues masters plus a journey through the rhythm and blues of the 60s, the great blues bands and artists of the 70s and bang up to date with plenty of contemporary current working blues bands.

Contact Beastie
Facebook: @HRHBlueswithBeastie
Twitter: @BeastieHrh
Instagram: hrhblueswithbeastie_
Email: hrhbeastie@mail.com (YES. That's the correct address)


Playing tracks by The Head Hunters Blues Band, Ben Prestage, The Blues Band, Sugar Ray & The Bluetones, Rocket 88 and more.