Blacklight Metropolis [Goa Trance/Dark Psytrance Circa 1997]

Blacklight Metropolis [Goa Trance/Dark Psytrance Circa 1997]

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Blacklight Metropolis [Goa Trance/Dark Psytrance Circa 1997]
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Blacklight Metropolis is DJ Basilisk’s contribution to the fifth edition of Global Goa Party, a virtual event organized by Marsh at the Goatranch to simulate an entire night of music from the early years of the psychedelic trance movement. This time around the year is 1997 and the golden age of Goa trance is in full swing, blasting revellers into limitless dimensions of sound with scintillating kaleidoscopic sounds and twisted techno-shamanistic rhythms. Reprising the nocturnal explorations of Moonshadow and In Exile, this expertly mixed collection of mind-bending classics explores the darker side of the genre while journeying through the deepest part of night from 1:30 to 3:30am. Dedicated to Black Light Activists (BLA), one of Toronto’s pioneering psytrance organizers, and Mark at Metropolis Records, the shop where I bought my first psytrance records.



Playing tracks by Slinky Wizard, Orion, Factor, Man Of The Last 3rd, Juno Reactor and more.

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very nice


Amazing set man !


Better repost it “What would run out of battery? ipad?!”

DJ Basilisk

Slinky Wizard – Sacred Fist [Flying Rhino Records] (1997)
Orion – Caracol (Hint) [Symbiosis Records] (1997)
Factor – Pol Zirkular [21:3 Records] (1997)
Man of the Last 3rd – Mystery Of Imagination [POF Music] (1997)
Juno Reactor – Kaguya Hime (Hint) [Blue Room Released] (1997)
Xenomorph – Telepathic Combat [Koyote Records] (1997)
Cari Lekebusch – Attitydsknäckaren (Hint) [H. Productions] (1997)
The Deviant – Dawn On Epsilon [TIP Records] (1997)
The Infinity Project – Mindboggler (Part 2) [TIP Records] (1997)
Adam Beyer – Compressed (Hint) [Drumcode] (1997)
Synchro – Human Oscillator [TIP Records] (1997)
Orichalcum – The Egg (Hint) [TIP Records] (1997)
Psychopod – Out of Your Mind [TIP Records] (1997)
Prana – Scarab (Snake Thing Remix) (Hint) [Matsuri Productions] (1997)
The Infinity Project – Hyperactive (Acid Rockers Remix) [TIP Records] (1997)
Z – Uncle Mavis (Hint) [TIP Records] (1997)
Menis – Fluff Killer [Koyote Records] (1997)
Xenomorph – Neurotoxin [Koyote Records] (1997)
Slide – Waking Up to Chaos [Transient Records] (1996)
Orion – Akeru [Symbiosis Records] (1997)
Koxbox – Life Is… [Blue Room Released] (1997)
Disco Volante – Chameleon (UX Remix) [Transient Records] (1996)
Kopfuss Resonator & DJ Jörg – Whipbird (Original Mix) [Nephilim Records] (1997)
Darshan – Tranceformation [Flying Rhino Records] (1997)
The Visitors – Tiny Little Engines [Psy-Harmonics] (1996)
Syb Unity Nettwerk – Space Puppy [Flying Rhino Records] (1997)
Sandman – Natural Born Killer [TIP Records] (1997)
Darshan – Duck [Phantasm Records] (1997)
Koxbox – Electronic Brainwash [Blue Room Released] (1997)
Hallucinogen – Gamma Goblins (Part 2) [Twisted Records] (1997)
Cydonia – The Kiddy [Blue Room Released] (1997)
Prana – Scarab (Green Nuns of the Revolution Remix) [Matsuri Productions] (1997)
Doof – Weird Karma [TIP Records] (1996)
Darshan – Mind Merge [Flying Rhino Records] (1997)
Hallucinogen – Space Pussy [Twisted Records] (1996)
Juno Reactor – Conga Fury [Blue Room Released] (1997)

NáNá Ty

Lol, the firts coment!!! is just like that! haha

NáNá Ty

LOVE IT ! i miss the time when the nigths sound like this. PLUR

Jack Palance

so greeeeeeeeen !!!




cool song

Exotic Vibes

Great session =)

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