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Kenny Everett show Capital Radio 20 February 1988

Kenny Everett show Capital Radio 20 February 1988

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Talk Talk, Belinda Carlisle, Heart, Phyllis Nelson, Eddie Cochran and more.

Kenny Everett on Capital Radio 20 February 1988. This is a relatively late FM show for Kenny, but it's classic Ken - the old magic is there; the show might have been recorded during his 1970s halcion period on Capital. It starts with a handover from Paul Burnett, who must have been sitting in for Alan Freeman (!) and concludes with the first five or ten minutes of Peter Young's show. Bill Bingham reads the IRN news. There's even a Be-Bop Bonanza. This is from an old TDK 120, so I'm hoping the show hasn't been posted before. Please enjoy! Was Kenny this country's most talented DJ to date? It would be great to hear your views ...


Robin Carmody

(and indeed, Peter Young alludes to the chart situation re. Bomb the Bass)

Robin Carmody

Peter Bowes in his IRN days - of course he later became part of the Radio 1 news team.

Robin Carmody

And, for me, he was never as good on Capital Gold - trapped in this very tight, confining format where he never really got the chance to shine. Dear God, that advert for the Maxwell serialisation ... a travesty, and I've seen the even more OTT TV version (as they hint, he narrowly lost the battle for both the NOTW and the Sun in 1969, and he was such a crook that it's arguable that things might not necessarily have been much better if he had won; by this time, everyone from Pilger to Waterhouse had been driven out and the Mirror had, in an utter disgrace to everything it had been 30 years before when it had, almost alone among mainstream newspapers at the time for all they will tell you now, championed musicians who were subject to covertly racist and anti-Semitic attacks not just from the Tory press but also from the conservative-socialist likes of the Daily Herald, run a series of covertly racist and anti-Semitic lies about the Beastie Boys). Do you have any of POTP Take 2, btw? (I know I ask this of everyone ...)

Robin Carmody

Indeed, I actually have an edited version of that day's POTP Take 2 when Burnett sat in for Fluff - for the first of three weeks, Bomb the Bass's "Beat Dis" was number one on London sales, ahead of Kylie (which it never managed even on the national MRIB chart networked on ILR opposite the official chart at that point). This is certainly new to the internet - his last ever FM show from 26th March has done the rounds; he then took three months off (I think this was when he recorded the quiz 'Brainstorm' for BBC TV) before returning on Capital Gold, initially as a weekend optout only of course, on 2nd July. Real end-of-era in the sense of having 1960s tracks mixed in with contemporary hits - the old year on POTP Take 2 had been 1963 - which the stricter split formatting they were about to introduce would eliminate.

Jeffrey Arnold

Thanks very much for this upload! I used to love listening to Kenny Everett on Capital when I was growing up in London in the 1970's. He was my absolute favourite and I'd get home from shopping on Saturdays early enough to sit and listen to his always cheered me up!

Андрей Вагин

Thank you for this upload! I love Kenny. To my opinion he is one of the most talented DJs of all-time along with Alan Freeman, Paul Burnett and Tommy Vance.