Hystereo #18 - Riot Grrls and Rojava

Hystereo #18 - Riot Grrls and Rojava

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Hystereo #18 - Riot Grrls and Rojava

Kate & Ali spin some Riot Grrl tracks and discuss the crisis/revolution in Rojava, with special guest Nina Röttgers from PHNX Berlin weighing in on the political, humanitarian, and gender situation for the people in this embattled yet still autonomous region.

Support their medical work in Rojava! http://phnx.berlin/

Track list:
Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
Sleater Kinney - Combat Rock
Le Tigre - Riot Grrl
Babes in Toyland - Bruise Violet
Lunachicks - Luxury Problem
The Cherry Bombers - The Clinic


Phil Neale

Great and informative show.