Awakening the Goddess Within - Episode 5- Imbolc

Awakening the Goddess Within - Episode 5- Imbolc

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Awakening the Goddess Within - Episode 5- Imbolc

Poet Caroline Coyle guides a group of older women in a series of poetry workshops at Uisneach through the landscape geography, mythology, spirituality and creativity over the course of the Celtic year, to awaken their Goddess within!
Many thanks to the Goddesses, Sidhbhe Brereton, Bridie Breen, Ruth Illingworth, Rosemarie Langtry, Ursula Ledwith, Mary Lennon, Collette McHugh, Nicole Mc Kenna, Dee Mckiernan ,Patricia O’Connor, Janice Ransom, Áine O Regan, Patsy Preston & Paula Sharkey.
Special thanks to all at Uisneach in particular Ruth Illingworth for her narrative, for details of events and tours visit
This is an Athlone Community Radio Production, sponsored by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) through the television licence fee.
Producer & Editor Erica Follows- Smith, Presenter & Researcher Caroline Coyle
Sound Production, Amanda Gunning & Kyle McAllen, Music, Aine O'Regan.


Margaret Franklin

Happy Imbolc!