This Fringey Life 2013 - Migration

This Fringey Life 2013 - Migration

10 years ago
This Fringey Life 2013 - Migration

This Fringey Life is the This American Life of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, produced by the Arts Report on CiTR 101.9FM.

This is My Room - Phoebe Vlassis - 78 E Pender, Sept 10-15 - In documentary, one woman style, Vlassis explores her sense of isolation and community after coming to Vancouver. Music: Salento - Rene Aubry

Porn and Pinochet - Andy Canete - Origins Coffee House, Sept 6-14 -
Stand up comedian and storyteller Canete tells us his unique story of leaving Pinochet's Chile to Canada - and then returning while Pinochet still ruled. Music: Señor Matanza - Mano Negra

Growing Up Monie - Monica Moustelier - Havana, Sept 16-14 -
Moustelier's, like Moni, her alter ego, grew up in East Van to a Spanish Mother and Cuban Father. It wasn't until becoming an actress that she felt othered, and at the same time found her Canadianness. Music: Que nadie sepa mi sufrir - Bernardo Ortiz