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Francisco Meirino on Amateur Radio: An Audio Mix

Francisco Meirino on Amateur Radio: An Audio Mix

Spanish born in 1975, Francisco Meirino is active since 1994 (as phroq until 2009) in experimental music and live performance.
His music explores the tension between programmable material and the potential for its failure, he is primarily interested in the idea of recording what is not supposed to be : gear failures, the death of PA systems, magnetic fields and electro-static noises and in how he can use them and hear them radically out of context.
Francisco Meirino's music is fascinating by its physical intensity and detail precision.
He mainly works with the computer, (eurorack) modular synthesizer, reel-to-reel tape recorders, magnetic fields detectors, piezo tranducers, field recorders and various home-made electronics.



Amateur Radio

01: Exposition (from « The Ruins » on Misanthropic Agenda - 2018)
02: Ventilation System (CHUV - State Hospital) (from « Undetected (Untreated Recordings From On-Site Testimonies Archives » on OtO recordings - 2012)
03: Winning Is Overrated (from « Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners » on Echomusic - 2010)
04: Hydrophonic Recording (unreleased, from the artist’s sonic archive) - 2017)
05: Modular Etude 03 (from « Ten Modular Synth Etudes » on Flag Day Recordings - 2017)
06: Wrong (audio extract from « Wrong » sound installation at standard/deluxe, Lausanne, 2015)
07: In Need Of Anything, No, Perhaps Nothing (from « Surrender, Render, End » on Helen Scarsdale Agency - 2016)
08: En Argent (with Eryck Abecassis) (from « La Gueule Du Loup » on Fragment Factory - 2017)
09: Nabla (quintet for strings and bass clarinet - performed by The Ensemble Vortex) (from « Quadrilatère » to be released in 2019)
10: You Know Nothing (from « Notebook (Techniques Of Self-Destruction » on Misanthropic Agenda - 2014)
11: Manual Vintage Washing Machine (from « Knowing More How Than Why (Untreated Recordings From On-Site Testimonies Archives 2 » on Impulsive Habitat - 2014)
12: Falling (from « The Ruins » on Misanthropic Agenda - 2018)