2015-01-01 - Live @ VAL NYE

2015-01-01 - Live @ VAL NYE

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2015-01-01 - Live @ VAL NYE
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Alexander Hamilton

Here's my set from the Vancouver Arts & Leisure NYE party! It was VAL's first event in their new space and I think everything turned out great. What an amazing turnout they had! I was on from 0030h-0200h in 'The Vestibule', the Techno room, along with Petar Zec, Johnny Killick, Hayden Wood, and Briser Gonzalez. Thank you once again to Steph from Some Kind Of Music Blog and Matt Troy from VAL for putting me in the lineup. It was my first real gig outside of Soundproof and I had a great time!

A lot of this set is on the House-ish side of Techno. What can I say, I've been listening to a lot of Drumcode lately. It shows. I didn't do any pre-planning for this one, and I even played a handful of newly purchased tracks that I'd never mixed before. There are a few choices I would revisit, but overall I'm pretty happy with how the structure turned out. I hope you enjoy!


Playing tracks by Tom Hades, Spiros Kaloumenos, Joseph Capriati, Sam Paganini, Alan Fitzpatrick, Axel Karakasis and more.