AW/OA044: Believe In Winter [mixed by H Lite]

AW/OA044: Believe In Winter [mixed by H Lite]

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AW/OA044: Believe In Winter [mixed by H Lite]

Honoring the heartening, cold, clear new moon in Aquarius and the changing seasons of our listening, we here at AW/OA could not be more touched to be able to present this beautiful, long-overdue 'holiday' mix from Denver's H Lite.

Anton Krueger, the human within H Lite and one half of Singularity Boys is an incredible, buoyant creative life force and a prolific, playful (prolifically playful, playfully prolific) artist. His release on AW/OA, 'Green Youth Heattech' remains a high watermark of achievement among the humble offerings of our wayward imprint, and his new release on Denver's Multidim records exceeds GYHT in the depth of the sonic ideas it explores and the refinement of the technical wizardry it employs.

Believe. No matter the extent of the duress, or the length of the dark nights of our tender, brilliant souls, believe in the possibility of a better future for all. Believe in yourself. Believe In Winter.