AW/OA032: Enemy of Progress [mixed by Rosa Lee]

AW/OA032: Enemy of Progress [mixed by Rosa Lee]

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AW/OA032: Enemy of Progress [mixed by Rosa Lee]

"This mix was inspired, thematically, by two proposals: First, Jello Biafra's claim, which bookends this mix via Manu Le Malin sampling Ice-T, that "the number one enemy of progress is questions." Second, Liza 'N' Eliaz's insistence that [paraphrasing the liner notes to a 1994 mix CD] while hardcore techno is often perceived as aggressive or violent, this understanding misses the difference between violence and intensity.

I've tried to create a varied but intense and immersive industrial hardcore mix, light on recognizable sounds, in order to push the body-mind to move in unexpected ways and journey to unforeseen places, to ask new and forgotten questions against the catastrophe of progress. I often think that the best techno is made by a washing machine with a rock in it or your cellphone when it falls in the toilet and now won't stop vibrating or waves crashing against cliffs or the wind against your face or..."

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