AW/OA 027: tECHNO ALLAH's NYE 2018 Mix

AW/OA 027: tECHNO ALLAH's NYE 2018 Mix

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AW/OA 027: tECHNO ALLAH's NYE 2018 Mix

Alright, why not fit one more mix in before the end of the year? In anticipation of their first, self-titled album (due out on 1/1/2019), Abstract without Abstraction is honored to host techno Allah, the Denver-based gabber princess. A perfect sister-mix to DJ Dreamcast’s, this mix finds techno Allah (aka Aisha Jeylani) running the gamut from their eponymous genre through footwork, speed garage, and breakcore, with all manner of 160+ scorchers in between. It’s an ascendent, frenetic mix to crack the turning of the calendar wide open. For those whose 2018 is better left unremembered, let her offering cauterize it.

For those in Denver, techno Allah plays NYE 2018 alongside Hlite, the Nightshift DJs and a host of other AW/OA favorites at ÑÇRÇ.

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