AW/OA 026: DJ Dreamcast's Mixxcraft

AW/OA 026: DJ Dreamcast's Mixxcraft

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AW/OA 026: DJ Dreamcast's Mixxcraft

Emerging from the winter solstice, AW/OA is thrilled to present a fierce slab of realness from DJ Dreamcast (aka Jesse James Alexander). The diverse, nostalgic, and aggressively queer Bay-area promoter, DJ, and don of the midweek Folsom Street drag rave Club Shevil, DJ Dreamcast's lifestyle, warmth, and ear have been an enduring inspiration for Abstract without Abstraction and are a welcome way to round out the year. As a producer, their 'Guardian Forces', 'Places I've Lived', and 'Cloudbusting' EPs are must-hears for a voice that winds it's way through nuanced techniques and thrives on the transformative power of the club.

In this 40-minute workout, DJ Dreamcast works across the spectrum of 160bpm genres, and blew us away with a particularly energetic throwback to AW/OA 013, for those who are listening.

For all those who have been, and to all of your families (chosen, given, or absent) may you turn with the planet, towards light and its freedom.


Playing tracks by Dj Earl.