AW/OA 021: Soul Abstractions [mixed by Alala.One]

AW/OA 021: Soul Abstractions [mixed by Alala.One]

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AW/OA 021: Soul Abstractions [mixed by Alala.One]

Soul Abstractions; abstract takes on soul, soul-full abstractions, and the transposition of soul, drawn away ~ into new contexts and landscapes. For episode 021 of Abstract without Abstraction, we are heartened to present a special, vinyl-only mix from Alala.One. An offering from a veteran selector, Soul Abstractions finds Alala plumbing the depths of her collection for a number of classic gospel & disco spirituals that she 'rarely has the opportunity to play out' in an effort to connect the dots and limn the overlaps of soul's connotation across recordings from 1960 to 2017. The journey is a force of buried voices rising. Soul, free from the machinations of exploitation that leverage the term to caricature and contain blackness, and free from overwrought romanticization; soul as breath activated in dance and work. To those who labor, who suffer, who dream, who defend the rights of the working, and to those who refuse: thank you.


Playing tracks by Gil Scott Heron, Theo Parrish, Andres, Elmore Judd, Geoffrey Landers and more.