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  • 2 years ago
Govt. Destroyed Male & Female Relationships & The Traditional Family

Govt. Destroyed Male & Female Relationships & The Traditional Family

Greetings 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood Klan. Peace, greetings, prosperity, protection and most of all wisdom be upon we all and those we love. 

Military, Prisons & SLAVERY was all about interrupting and disrupting the NATURAL relationships between men andwomen ok? Well guess what? " IT WORKED!!!"

Sisters our foreMothers being with BM after the disbanding of chattel slavery was by DEFAULT only and not outta love, respect or that BM where Alpha males. No BM coming out of slavery was a alpha anything. Only FREEMEN like FreeMasons knew what it felt like to be a ALPHA male.

BM post slavery, emancipation proclamation NEVER had to prove themselves as protectors as Husbands, good Sons, good Fathers or even good men or to earn the hand of a BW in marriage.

Our enslaved foreGrandmothers & Great Grand Mothers ect.., were literally FORCED to be with BM simply because; 1) they had no choice. 2) they both shared the common experience of having been enslaved and DEHUMANIZED TOGETHER. 3) because of th