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We are a father and daughter duo that just love to talk to each other. It all started with one mic and a drink as a hobby. It has now turned into more because we just can’t get enough. We can’t wait for you to join us on this fun, and most of all, funny journey of ours.

We are a humorous, adult talk, internet radio show that will keep you coming back for more. If you need a good laugh — we are there for you. If you need some good music in your life — we are there for you. We blend music and conversation about everything and nothing at all.



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95.5myballs on Mixcloud Select | Mixcloud

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95.5myballs on Mixcloud Select | Mixcloud

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95.5 MyBalls - The Big Show - 10/17/21

95.5 MyBalls - The Big Show - 10/17/21

Helloooooooooooo! We are back and better than ever. We will be on tonight at 10 pm PST. Come and hang out with us again. We missed all of you.

Back to the Radio - Live!  - 95.5 MyBalls - The Big Show.

Back to the Radio - Live! - 95.5 MyBalls - The Big Show.

Pops and I are taking a break for a while. We need to catch some stuff up and just need a moment to breath. We thank all of our followers and will let you all know when we will be back. We love you guys and thank you for understanding. See you soon …

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