Episode -125 12/8/16

Episode -125 12/8/16

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Episode -125 12/8/16
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Issac visits the local Mini Mart 'Pamojah's to purchase some provisions for his project He makes a deal with the owner Marlon. Velda goes to the Korna Klub Café to speaks with Monica about the possibility of getting any of her 'left overs' being as her usual help has closed down 'Food Bank'. Winston also visits the Kona Klub Café to organise some food for his forth coming Wedding to Michelle the mother of his Daughter Sophia. Winston reassures Michelle that he is Serious about his commitment to her & Sophia, Michelle expresses her reservations. Issac reports back to his project Leader Nike with an update. At the Bacchanals wine Bar Velda & Issac are now in post & decide to mark the occasion with some 'free drinks'