No Holds Barred 5

No Holds Barred 5

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No Holds Barred 5

No Holds Barred 5: March 2013

This is the latest in my ongoing mission to create great mixtapes… As ever there’s a blend of styles – working my way from Latin through disco and house to Afro (Femi Kuti), funk (The Impellers), jazz (Mark de Clive Lowe), two amazing female vocal performances (from Sophie Hunger and Izzi Dunn) and a touch of reggae rootsiness at the end from Yesking. There’s no distinction between old and new music here – it’s all just good music and I hope you enjoy!


Playing tracks by Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77, Da Lata, Diesler feat Laura Vane, Deela, Ame and more.