No Holds Barred 12

No Holds Barred 12

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No Holds Barred 12

I finally got behind the decks again in 2015 to mix up some tracks I've been playing a lot lately... Is there a broken beat revival coming? Dego's released a great album and he kicks off the mix, with a new Mark de Clive Lowe remix from Daz-I-Kue hot on its heels. I couldn't resist reaching for the cast-iron bruk classic "Loose Lips" to follow that opener. Then we move into 4/4 territory with Zed Bias' Soul II Soul cover and some soulful stuff from Crazy P and Tortured Soul. We go deep, spatial and orchestral with the, er, Deep Space Orchestra remixed by Neville Watson and an interesting dark jazz/house hybrid from Tim Deluxe (yes, THAT Tim Deluxe). Then some shimmering modernity from oriJanus, Harleighblu and Jonny Faith (making his second NHB appearance in a row) leads into hip hop from the re-released Jigmastas, a trip to my Mo'Wax archives with Sam Sever and a track from man of the moment Kendrick Lamar. Then it's funk to the end - both modern and old... Enjoy!


Playing tracks by dego, Mark de Clive Lowe, Seiji, Zed Bias, Crazy P and more.


Gregory P Lehman

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