No Holds Barred 11

No Holds Barred 11

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No Holds Barred 11

I'm back with another mixtape selection of tracks that I'm loving at the moment. After the retrospective No Holds Barred 10, I knew I wanted to make this one as fresh as possible. So it only features music from 2015 - well, sort of, if you want to be pedantic about the couple of re-edits that feature. We journey from the funk of the Mighty Mocambos through to more four-on-the-floor gear before breaking down into some very 2015 tracks from Jonny Faith and Braille. It all gets a bit moody with Biome, then a bit of drum n bass, a swift sidestep into the Jazz of Nostalgia 77 before we end with a couple of belting female vocal tracks from Native Dancer and Moonlight Breakfast. It appealed to my contrary side to end with a track called "Hello"... Enjoy!


Playing tracks by The Mighty Mocambos, Public Service Broadcasting, Inkswel, Mantronix, The Jones Girls and more.