No Holds Barred 10

No Holds Barred 10

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No Holds Barred 10

The tenth instalment of No Holds Barred and I celebrated with a crate dig... It was inspired by hearing Anushka's "Atom Bomb" (featured in a previous mix) and likening it to the Fila Brazilia mix of Lamb's "Cottonwool", which is the second track here. It sent me on a mission to find the 12" which had been buried for some time. Along the way, I started pulling out some other mid to late(ish) 90s classics which hadn't been aired for a long time... Nostalgic? Yes. Self-indulgent? OK, maybe a bit.

Still, get ready to enjoy some trip hop, "big beat" (remember that?!), a touch of 303-driven acid, some gospel house and the mighty Nervous Track... they were good times, right? What do you mean you were only 3?


Playing tracks by Cool Breeze, Lamb, Jhelisa, Bizarre Inc, Primal Scream and more.