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By the middle of 2012 I'd had a Twitter account for quite a while but never really "got" it. I did the usual thing - followed a load of people I knew and a load of celebs I liked so I had a whole mix of stuff on my timeline and it was mainly just "noise". I decided to separate my timeline and start an HR-only Twitter account to see how that went. And so @TimScottHR was born! Perhaps inevitably, given my general love of all things musical, it wasn't long before music started to play a part in my timeline and I soon realised the worlds didn't have to be separate. Hell, HR people have music taste too! I discovered a hashtag - #HRMusicShare - So eventually it occurred to me, we've shared a lot of great music: why not make an #HRMusicShare mixtape? The rules were simple: only tracks or artists which had been posted or discussed under the hashtag could be included. From funk to punk jazz to full-on acid to hip hop - my take on my #HRMusicShare journey so far...


Playing tracks by Love Rears Up Its Ugly Head, Jack White & Alicia Keys, Led Zeppelin, The honey drippers, Melvin Bliss and more.