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Tropikal Camel

Berlin, Germany

“This Tropikal Camel has an undeniable music talent & the ultimate quality of the philosopher: Asking questions - those features that have made him what he is today: a musical ambassador." Jeunen Afrique

“This smart album of tribal Arabic, bass and industrial techno is more concerned with his heritage, starting with his grandparents and stretches to Morocco, Iran, Kurdistan and Austria” Guardian

Tropikal Camel have cast a spell over the audiences From Europe to Africa through the Middle East . Blending percussive electronic music with a psychedelic edge, a sound that is touching booth heritage and futurism.

In his unique way Tropikal Camel has fused elements into and special blend- driven bass, deep pads and chopped chants. His magical skill to combine musical worlds and elements on the dance floor made him one of the upcoming names in the European music scene.